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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego

Issue 1 (2) 2002


Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 5–12
Andrzej Marczuk
Logistic management in agricultural transport branch
Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 13–21
Olivier Mostade, Bruno Huyghebaert, Olivier Miserque, Józef Sawa
Direct injection equipment for pesticide spraying
Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 23–32
Krystyna Konstankiewicz, Marek Gancarz, Andrzej Król, Kamil Pawlak
Determination of structural parameters of potato tuber tissue, v. ‘Danusia’ and v. ‘Kuba’
Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 33–41
Roland Zawiślak, Helena Lisowa
The influence of apple fineness degree on the values of effective water diffusion coefficient during drying in the conditions of forced convection
Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 43–50
Jarosława Rutkowska, Andrzej Neryng
Rheological properties of semi-finished cake products and their impact on the quality of final product
Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 51–59
Marek Tukiendorf
Ways of evaluation of granular blends in bins
Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 61–72
Izabela Kuna-Broniowska, Zdzisław Talik
Study of the temperature distribution in concrete silo during cooling the wheat seeds off with the devices GK-160 and KK-140
Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 73–79
Katarzyna Tkacz
Energy consumption at cuttering of meat raw products
Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 81–87
Józef Horabik, Robert Rusinek, Marek Molenda, Mateusz Stasiak
Influence of selected parameters on friction of cereals grain
Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 89–93
Mateusz Stasiak, Marek Molenda, Mirosław J. Lipiński
Possibility of determination elastic parameters of granular materials based on measurement of shear wave velocity

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