University of Life Sciences in Lublin

Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego

Issue 1 (2) 2002 pp. 73–79

Katarzyna Tkacz

Energy consumption at cuttering of meat raw products

Abstract: Paper presented investigation results concerning electric energy consumption in the process of cuttering raw beef and pork meat provided to manufacturing of cured meat products. The specific energy consumption during meat disintegration in mechanical cutter were discussed as affected by the kind of raw meat and loading capacity of the cutter pan. It was stated that the energy consumption depends significant on the loading of the cutter pan and is highest in case of cuttering of the III rd class raw beef.
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Keywords: meat disintegration, cuttering, energy consumption, energy-input indices
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MLA Tkacz, Katarzyna. "Energy consumption at cuttering of meat raw products." Acta Sci.Pol. Tech. Agr. 1.2 (2002): 1.
APA (2002). . Acta Sci.Pol. Tech. Agr. 1 (2), 1
ISO 690 TKACZ, Katarzyna. Energy consumption at cuttering of meat raw products. Acta Sci.Pol. Tech. Agr., 2002, 1.2: 1.
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