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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego

Issue 10 (1) 2011


Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 3–13
Tomasz Jakubowski
Energy absorbed by a microwave-irradiated potato tuber
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 15–21
Mariusz Kania, Dariusz Andrejko
Influence of different preparing methods of wheat grain before milling on flour moisture
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 23–31
Henryk Żelazny
The importance of environment of microclimate comparative studies on the example of relative humidity formation in fattening with different feed consistency
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 33–40
Anna Bagnowska, Radosław Mostowski, Anna Trzęsowska, Lucjan Krala
Technical, technological and health safety aspects smoking of meat
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 41–47
Andrzej Wesołowski
Laboratory device for measuring of materials acoustic parameters

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