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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego

Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 31–40

Ryszard Kulig, Stanisław Skonecki, Sławomir Gawłowski, Adam Zdybel, Grzegorz Łysiak

The effect of pressure on efficiency of chosen soft wood sawdust

Abstract: This paper presents the investigation results of specific piston pressure (45 to 113 MPa) and the addition of a calcium lignosulphonate binder effect on the compaction parameters of white birch sawdust. The experiments were performed with the use of the ZWICK Z020/TN2S universal strength tester and a closed compression assembly. An increase in pressure led to an increase in material density in the compression chamber and agglomerate density (by 18.5% on average), and it more than doubled the mechanical strength of the agglomerate. Higher compaction pressure increased the demand for compaction energy by 108% on average. The addition of binder increased the agglomerate density and the mechanical strength of agglomerate by 250% on average.
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Keywords: compaction, pressure, binders, calcium lignosulphonate, sawdust, biomass
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MLA Kulig, Ryszard, et al. "The effect of pressure on efficiency of chosen soft wood sawdust." Acta Sci.Pol. Tech. Agr. 12.1 (2013): 12.
APA (2013). . Acta Sci.Pol. Tech. Agr. 12 (1), 12
ISO 690 KULIG, Ryszard, et al. The effect of pressure on efficiency of chosen soft wood sawdust. Acta Sci.Pol. Tech. Agr., 2013, 12.1: 12.
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