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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego

Issue 13 (3) 2014


Issue 13 (3) 2014 pp. 3–13
Marek Domin, Franciszek Kluza, Dariusz Góral, Katarzyna Kozłowicz, Piotr Nakonieczny
Assessment of rice starch gelatinization caused by boiling, freezing and frozen storage of rice grains
Issue 13 (3) 2014 pp. 15–22
Dariusz Góral, Marek Domin, Franciszek Kluza, Katarzyna Kozłowicz, Piotr Nakonieczny
Use of chosen freezing technics for industrial concentration and purification of waste water
Issue 13 (3) 2014 pp. 23–30
Zbigniew Kobus, Izabela Błaszczuk, Kamil Wilczyński
Influence of pasteurization and freezing on rheological properties of parsley juice
Issue 13 (3) 2014 pp. 31–36
Jacek Mazur, Paweł Sobczak, Kazimierz Zawiślak, Marian Panasiewicz, Jacek Jagiełło
Course of temperature changes during heat treatment low-fat cooked sausages
Issue 13 (3) 2014 pp. 37–47
Agata Paluch, Monika Stoma
Analysis of development possibilities for regional and traditional products market in Lublin voivodeship

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