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Issue 5 (2) 2006


Issue 5 (2) 2006 pp. 3–12
Marcin Tomasik
The computers simulation in system filtration of emulsion
Issue 5 (2) 2006 pp. 13–21
Agata Dziwulska, Mieczysław Wilczek, Marek Ćwintal
Effect of laser stimulation on cropping yield of alfalfa and hybrid alfalfa studied in sowing year
Issue 5 (2) 2006 pp. 23–30
Stanisław Kokoszka, Stanisław Sęk, Sylwester Tabor
Management conditions and share of different transport equipment with regard to annual cost of transport on farms
Issue 5 (2) 2006 pp. 31–37
Adam Radkowski, Maciej Kuboń
Qualitative and economical aspects of establishing and maintaining lawns in agrotourist farms
Issue 5 (2) 2006 pp. 39–50
Włodzimierz Białczyk, Anna Cudzik, Jarosław Czarnecki, Krzysztof Pieczarka
Evaluation of traction properties of tyres on selected forests’ roads
Issue 5 (2) 2006 pp. 51–66
Piotr Kostencki
Application of linear index to evaluation of ploughshares wearability
Issue 5 (2) 2006 pp. 67–73
Urszula Sadowska
Some biological effects of static loads of a single hulled and husky barley grain
Issue 5 (2) 2006 pp. 75–85
Henryk Żelazny
Thermo-physical characteristic of aerial environment in rooms with pools for the controlled fish's breeding
Issue 5 (2) 2006 pp. 87–92
Adam Radkowski, Maciej Kuboń
Economic aspects of bulky feed preservation on the example of permanent and alternating grasslands

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